So what’s up man?

So tell us Ambidex, what’s up? well here’s the story!

Some of you, who are actually still reading this might have noticed, not much activity here (yet?)! Well, time for an update. Currently I’m residing in Barcelona, Spain. 1600km away from my homestead, Zwolle, the Netherlands. And guess what, I’m here, without my decks and any of my d&b records, really one of the things I really miss having here. Luckily (?) this is just temporarily. I’m here to finish my degree in computer science, I should have it before end of 2008 😉

In the mean while, now and then I visit one of the drum & bass parties around here in Barcelona, in both Sala instinto and plataforma, some wicked old skool shit going on, but not much of the technoid sound we are used to ( crack ) in the Netherlands.

In the meanwhile, what I can do from here, but still is drum & bass related is help my friends promoting the Basic Base events in the Netherlands. I’m part of the Basic Base crew and do most of the online publishing. Together with ‘Wezen’ (frickin great gfx artist who designed all of our flyers and really has a great unique style! ) I’m currently working on upgrading and updating the website, bit by bit, poco a poco.

Stay tuned for the next 2 events, next saterday 7th of June. One of them in Lelystad and one in my homestead and playground of Basic Base, Zwolle.

In Zwolle they will host Black Sun Empire in a really tiny local stage. Wickidddd’! On the same day, the 3rd event in Lelystad will take place as well, hosting Antistar (utreg massive) , dj whistle (lelystad!) st. pete, Crappy Meal and basic base’s own resident, Dj Bisnezz they all will present you with the finest d&b!  Click here for more info about this event.

I’ll drop a few more lines here in the feature, thanks and out for now.