Ambidex, in real life known as Martijn, was born in Roermond (NL). It is in this picturesque town where he first came into contact with electronic music. His elder brother, who at that time started making demos on his flashy Commodore 64, sparked his lively enthusiasm. At the age of eleven, after moving to the northwest, he was able to get his own computer and started making his own tunes using FastTracker II. Unfortunately for us, none of this early material has survived.

When he was seventeen, Ambidex started to venture into the exciting world known as Drum & Bass. His first encounters were acts such as The Prodigy, Roni Size and (whilst not d&b) especially DJ Shadow. Loving these sounds, their vibes and wanting more he turned into a passionate clubber.

He went on to study Computer Science in Zwolle when he was twenty years old and decided he wanted to do more with this drum&bass sound. After saving loads of money he was able to buy his first set of Technics SL decks. While he was practising every now and again, he met some people who could set him up to spin some records at parties. Only six months after he started mixing he performed his first DJ set at the Summerdance Festival in Dedemsvaart (NL).

Most of Ambidex’s influences are well known and established artists such as Bad Company, Ed Rush & Optical, Pendulum, Future Prophecies, Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Andy C, Evol Intent, Raiden, Technical Itch and the list goes on and on.

Stay tuned for upcoming events being listed now and then.

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